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Contributor INTEL

Welcome to the Contributor INTEL page.


Contributor Intel 2To submit a post for publication, please submit via the form below.  Your email address is not required, but whatever name you choose (real or pseudonym) will automatically populate the “AUTHOR” field in the post when published. This cannot be changed. (CHOOSE WISELY).

Additionally, if you do not wish to provide an email address, please submit a phone number in the alternate notification field. You will need to be contacted in case of questions, edits, etc. (All anonymity requests will be honored, but verification of authorship is required).

All submissions will be reviewed and confirmed with the author before publishing.  (If you submit something and change your mind, not to worry.  An article will never be published without first confirming authorization of release.)

*All contributors are required to disclose any positions they have in stocks being discussed.

*If an author has a business relationship with a company named in an article that he or she has authored, that relationship must be fully and accurately disclosed.

All approved articles will be published on the Contributor INTEL page and a select few will published on the Front Page/Main INTEL Page.

Please review the terms HERE before submitting an article for review.



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