Morning Roundup: November 21, 2023


Morning Roundup: November 21, 2023

At the SPAC of Dawn

Crypto has been a popular, but a somewhat niche sector for SPACs in recent years that appeared to have fallen out of favor as scandals rocked major exchanges and prices for major cryptocurrencies and tokens plummeted.

Only one crypto SPAC deal has been announced since August 2022 but four remain pending in the announced column. Despite this, the macro situation around crypto appears to have been improving throughout the past year. Bitcoin is now being traded just under its 52-week high and a conclusion to the FTX trial left hopes that some of the bad juju from the slump was in the rear view.

Those hopes took a new hit yesterday as the SEC launched a fresh suit against the Kraken exchange. The probe accuses the company of some of the same malfeasance that brought down FTX including mingling company and customer cash, but, more broadly, it alleges the company is operating an unregistered securities exchange.

This latter point is one that calls into question a number of crypto businesses models, which will be something to track for the two SPACs still searching for crypto targets – Blockchain Coinvestors (NASDAQ:BCSA) and Goldenstone (NASDAQ:GDST).


News and Rumors

Deal Amendments

  • Denali Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:DECA) amended its subscription agreement to reduce the aggregate number of shares of preferred stock to be purchased by FutureTech Capital LLC from 1,800,000 shares to 1,300,000 shares, at a purchase price of $10.00. The investor will receive two warrants for each share of the preferred stock purchased, with each warrant being exercisable for a period of five years that commences upon the six-month anniversary of the closing, for one share of common stock at an exercise price of $8.00 per share. The parties also waived the minimum cash closing condition of $30 million.

Terminations and Liquidations

Scheduling Notes

  • Spree Acquisition Corp. 1 (NYSE:SHAP) has primed investors that it plans to schedule a vote for a one-year extension. It can currently extend its deadline up to March 20, 2024 in one-month increments.