The Latest Liquidations: August 8, 2023

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The Latest Liquidations: August 8, 2023

Latest SPAC Liquidations: Golden Falcon

Golden Falcon Acquisition Corp. (GFX) Terminates Deal, Intends to Liquidate on August 24

On August 8,  Golden Falcon (NYSE:GFX) mutually terminated its business combination with freight aviation company MNG Airlines.

In light of the termination, the SPAC does not believe that there is sufficient time for it to consummate a business combination by its deadline of August 24. Accordingly, effective as of the close of business on the redemption date, Golden Falcon will redeem all of its outstanding shares of Class A common stock.

Golden Falcon expects that the last day of trading of its units, Class A common stock and warrants on the NYSE will be at or around August 24.