ROTH MKM Hires Two SPAC Veterans


ROTH MKM Hires Two SPAC Veterans

Gil Ottensoser and Anthony Mazzurco to join ROTH MKM team

A press release yesterday announced that ROTH MKM managed to scoop up Gil Ottensoser and Anthony Mazzurco, both of which are SPAC veterans and both having previously worked at BTIG.

Gil has a long history with SPACs and is a well-known name within the SPAC banking community. The firm he co-founded, Legend Merchant Group, was one of the more prolific SPAC underwriters and market participants. After Legend Merchant Group, Gil then went on to Deutsche Bank, where he was Managing Director, Head of SPAC Sales and Distribution. Most recently, Gil led BTIG’s SPAC effort, as Head of SPAC Banking and Capital Markets.

Anthony Mazzurco brings over 25 years of trading experience, and as mentioned above, was most recently with BTIG, where he was a Managing Director responsible for building out their SPAC desk. Anthony’s prior firms include GMP Securities and Bear Stearns Securities.

There has been some noticeable movement this year among SPAC players, most recently with the entire Credit Suisse team lifting to Santander. Additionally, ROTH MKM is already an experienced SPAC bank that has also sponsored its own deals.  Consequently, ROTH MKM’s hiring moves send a clear signal that it intends to further expand its presence in the SPAC asset class.

Between ROTH and Santander, the League Tables might look a little different this time next year. We’ll have to wait and see.