Compute Health Acquisition Corp. (CPUH) Warrant Holders Approve Amendment

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Compute Health Acquisition Corp. (CPUH) Warrant Holders Approve Amendment

Compute Health (NYSE:CPUH) announced in an 8-K this afternoon that its warrant holders have approved an amendment to the warrant agreement after adjourning the meeting earlier this morning.

After all parties had a chance to engage with the new changes, the meeting was reconvened at 12 pm ET today. Holders of 27,807,333 Compute Health Warrants were present at the meeting, representing approximately 80.8% of the voting power of outstanding Compute Health Warrants.

Approximately 89% of the votes cast at the meeting, including votes cast by holders of approximately 55% of Compute Health’s outstanding public warrants, voted to approve the warrant amendment.

As previously announced, Compute Health has scheduled a special meeting for July 28 to approve its $500 million business combination with Allurion. Natick, Massachusetts-based Allurion makes a swallowable balloon that inflates in patients’ stomachs to reduce space for incoming food for weight loss purposes while serving as an IoT tracker of certain health metrics.