The Latest Non-Redemption Agreements: July 18, 2023


The Latest Non-Redemption Agreements: July 18, 2023

Latest Non-Redemption Agreements: Deep Medicine

Deep Medicine Acquisition Corporation (DMAQ) Adds Non-Redemption Agreement

As previously disclosed, Deep Medicine Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:DMAQ) and its sponsor, Bright Vision Sponsor LLC, have entered into certain non-redemption agreements with certain unaffiliated third parties in connection with the special meeting on July 13.

As of now, the company and the sponsor have entered into such non-redemption agreements with six unaffiliated third parties in total, with respect to a maximum aggregate of 514,773 shares of Class A common stock and the sponsor has agreed to transfer a maximum aggregate of 185,179 shares of Class A Common Stock pursuant to the Non-Redemption Agreements upon the consummation of a business combination.