The Latest Non-Redemption Agreements: June 26, 2023


The Latest Non-Redemption Agreements: June 26, 2023

Latest Non-Redemption Agreements: GSR II Meteora

GSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp. (GSRM) Adds Non-Redemption Agreement

On June 22, 2023, June 23, 2023, and June 26, 2023, GSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:GSRM) entered into additional non-redemption agreements with certain third parties.

Pursuant to such additional agreements, each stockholder agreed that it will not elect to redeem or otherwise tender or submit for redemption up to an aggregate of 445,132 shares of Class A Common Stock in connection with the Business Combination and, to the extent necessary, purchase a certain amount of previously redeemed Class A Common Stock and in the event the Non-Redeeming Stockholder has previously elected to redeem, tendered or submitted the Non-Redeemed Shares for redemption, the stockholder will rescind such redemption and, to the extent any Redeemed Shares were purchased, the Non-Redeeming Stockholder shall confirm that any prior redemption of the Redeemed Shares has been rescinded.

In addition, the company expects certain third parties under the agreements to purchase at least 261,600 shares of Class A Common Stock in the open market and/or through negotiated private transactions and elect not to redeem such shares or confirm such redemption of such shares has been rescinded in connection with the meeting.