New Data Added Detailing “Corporate Actions”

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New Data Added Detailing “Corporate Actions”

Tracking SPACs and all of their various types of “corporate actions” can be challenging. After all, a SPAC can postpone, adjourn, extend, complete, liquidate early, do a tender offer, and in some cases, one SPAC do all of those actions within its lifespan.  Naturally, this can be challenging to manage. More importantly, it can very difficult to organize in tables in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand.

In an effort to make that data is easier to follow, we took a step back and redesigned our tables in an entirely new set of pre-sets we’re calling Corporate Actions.

You can find these presets in the top navigation bar next to the Custom Tables.  You’ll see a main “All Actions” tab, which summarizes all types of corporate actions a SPAC can execute, as well as additional presets that drill down on specific “action types”.

corporate actions 1


By way of example, let’s take a look at Digital World Acquisition Corp. You’ll notice multiple entries due to adjournments at their last extension vote.


Corporate Actions 3

Let’s try and filter this for just the extension votes. As you can see below, we would first want to go to the “Action Type” filter to select for extension votes.


Corporate Actions 5

Now, we can see that there were four adjournments, with corresponding dates, as well as the “approved” extension vote.


Corporate Actions 6

These new presets should be helpful in better understanding the various “actions” each SPAC takes chronologically throughout its timeline. And we encourage subscribers to explore the sub-presets as well since we have found those helpful.

And, as always, we suggest you regularly check our Release Notes to see what we’ve added to the database by clicking on the drop down under your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You’ll see the new datasets and improvements we’ve added to the site organized by month so you can keep up with all of the developments.

We hope you find this useful. And feedback is always welcome and encouraged.