New Data Added Detailing Warrant Redemptions and Exchanges

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New Data Added Detailing Warrant Redemptions and Exchanges

Warrant Redemptions/Exchanges

As many of you have noticed, de-SPACs (and SPACs) have been busy lately addressing their warrants. In fact, there are currently four De-SPACs with pending warrant exchange offers and two Announced SPACs that would like to amend their warrants to do an exchange.  But, there are 501 SPACs that have closed since 2009 and that’s a lot of legwork if you want to review how previous companies have handled it.

Naturally, you wanted the data and we wanted to deliver.

So, we’ve been busy combing through SEC filings to gather all of the information surrounding previous SPAC warrants calls and exchanges and have now released the information as a new preset.

If you subscribe to SPACInsider’s data, you’ll be able to find the new Warrant Calls/Exchanges preset in the “Custom Tables” dropdown.

warrant call 1

As always, all data is filterable and you can customize your table by adding additional data points or removing columns to create a preset that suits what you’re looking for. The preset is just a suggested starting point.

And, as an FYI, we suggest you regularly check our Release Notes to see what we’ve added to the database by clicking on the drop down under your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You’ll see the new datasets and improvements we’ve added to the site organized by month so you can keep up with all of the developments.

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