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Pathfinder Acquisition Corp. (PFDR) Postpones Extension Vote

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Pathfinder Acquisition Corp. (PFDR) Postpones Extension Vote

Pathfinder Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:PFDR) announced that it has postponed its extension vote from Wednesday, February 1 to Friday, February 17.

At the special meeting, Pathfinder is hoping to gain shareholder approval to extend its completion deadline from February 19 to May 19 and to further extend it by another month, for a total of four months, until June 19. The SPAC hopes to use this additional time to further engage with its shareholders.

As a result of the postponement, the company has also extended the deadline for redemption requests from January 30 to February 15.

Pathfinder initially announced its $537 million combination with Movella on October 4 and terminated an earlier combination agreement with ServiceMax in December 2021. San Jose, California-based Movella provides motion-capture hardware and software for the entertainment, health and manufacturing industries.