The Latest Liquidations: January 12, 2023

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The Latest Liquidations: January 12, 2023

Latest SPAC Liquidations: SVF Investment Corp.

SVF Investment Corp. (SVFA) to Liquidate on January 12

SVF Investment Corp. (Nasdaq: SVFA) today announced that as of the close of business on January 27, 2023, the Company’s publicly held Class A ordinary shares will be deemed cancelled and will represent only the right to receive their pro-rata share in its trust account.

The per-share redemption price for the shares will be approximately $10.15. The balance of the account as of December 30, 2022 was $612,637,574, which includes $8,837,574 in interest and dividend income excess of cash over approximately $603,800,000, the funds deposited into the account.

After January 12, 2023, the company shall cease all operations except for those required to wind up the business.