The Latest SPAC News and Rumors: August 9, 2022


The Latest SPAC News and Rumors: August 9, 2022


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Latest SPAC News: D-Orbit announces launch and deployment contract with Astrocast and Nogin partners with United Sports Brand

D-Orbit Announces Multi-Year Launch and Deployment Contract with Swiss Satellite Internet of Things (IoT) Network Operator Astrocast

D-Orbit, a space logistics company, announced today the signing of a multiple launch and deployment contract with Astrocast, a leading Swiss IoT-focused nanosatellite company.

According to the agreement, D-Orbit will launch twenty of Astrocast’s satellites aboard ION Satellite Carrier, D-Orbit’s versatile and cost-effective orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) designed to precisely deploy satellites and perform technology demonstrations of third-party payloads in orbit. The satellites, which will join Astrocast’s constellation of satellites for the Internet of things (IoT), will be delivered to space over a period of three years, through multiple missions.

As previously announced on January 27, 2022, D-Orbit has entered into a business combination agreement among Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: BREZ), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company.


Nogin Announces Agreement with United Sports Brands to Plug Into its Intelligent Commerce Platform

Branded Online, Inc. dba Nogin (“Nogin” or the “Company”), a leading provider of innovative Commerce-as-a-Service (“CaaS”) technology, has announced a multi-brand CaaS agreement with United Sports Brands (“USB”), a leader in sports performance and protection.

Nogin’s all-in-one software platform is a cloud-based, headless, eCommerce environment, purpose-built for brands selling direct-to-consumer and through online channel partners. As part of a three-year agreement, USB brands will plug into Intelligent Commerce to deliver world class eCommerce to their consumers without all the cost, complexity, time, and risk of building and managing their own online stores.

Software Acquisition Group Inc. III (NASDAQ:SWAG) entered into a definitive agreement to combine with Commerce-as-a-Service technology provider Nogin on February 14, 2022.