We’re Launching a New Product: IPO Intel


We’re Launching a New Product: IPO Intel

May 16, 2022 INTEL by Kristi Marvin

We are pleased to announce the soft launch of our new database covering the Traditional IPO.


Many times over the past few years there have been instances where we’ve wished we had access to our own database of Traditional IPOs. Sometimes to compare and contrast with SPACs, other times simply because there were some exciting companies going public the “traditional way”.  Either way, we felt we were missing a piece of the “going public” puzzle.  The net result being that it prompted us in December of 2021 to start down a path of building out our second vertical…IPO Intel.

We are currently launching IPO Intel in “Beta” so users can demo the site, with the intention of doing a “hard launch” in the coming days. However, as a preview, we’ve made the database available for users and have provided some screenshots below.

You’ll also notice the IPO Intel site has a different look with a much more modern feel, but know that we will be busy fully converting the SPAC data to the same format next, with eventually both “IPO Intel” and “SPAC Intel” residing together. The name SPACInsider will always remain, but will instead become the home for all articles and analysis.

You can currently access the home page HERE (which is public) to check on some top line stats, but if you are interested in accessing the complete IPO Intel database for trial, please reach out to us using the link below. And as always, feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

For a demo or trial, please click on the following LINK.

Below you’ll notice our screenshots are currently showing in “dark mode”, but we also have a “light mode” and you can easily toggle between the two, depending on your preference. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll notice the ability to change between modes located in the bottom right corner.

Additionally, many of the data visualizations will look similar to the Underwriter, Law Firm and PIPE dashboards we’ve already incorporated into the SPAC site. The first screenshot is showing the fully customizable Stats Page we’ve built where you can toggle between filters to arrive at whatever dataset you need.  Furthermore, since a screenshot isn’t big enough to show the full page, know that there are additional tables found below the screenshot, highlighting all of the IPOs that are found in the set parameters.


Additionally, we have a traditional IPO League Table where you can click on any underwriter and it will bring you to an “Underwriter Report”. This report will highlight that specific bank’s priced deals for the given time period where an underwriter participated as a bookrunner or lead manager.


The IPO Intel site covers all Traditional IPOs dating from full-year 2019 through current day, with profile pages detailing each company. The profile pages include a summary of the offering, as well as the business and financials, plus access to all SEC filings and contact information.

What we have also included in the upper right hand corner of the page is a handy IPO return comparison. This measure’s the IPO’s current share price (as of that day) compared to its IPO offering price. This is then further measured against all other IPOs in our database within the same industry classification. And as an additional comparison, we have included the S&P 500’s return based on the same IPO date to current to keep it “apples to apples”.  We happened to use Rivian (RIVN) when we took these screenshots, but its highly illustrative of an IPO’s current performance compared to it’s peers, as well as the larger market.


We also have an IPO Calendar with upcoming pricings, but have included a “Lock-Up Expiration” calendar too. And, as always, you can click on a name to bring you to each IPO’s profile page if you need additional information.


And similar to our SPAC database, we also have a “Universe” table for IPOs where you can find all relevant information to the pricing including a link to the prospectus.

There are additional features and tables to explore and we encourage you to reach out and give them a try. As with any launch of a new product, we’re going to keep this in Beta for a few days to make any last minute changes (we encourage feedback to make us better!), but anticipate a full launch soon.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact us HERE.