Podcast: FiscalNote Founder and CEO Tim Hwang


Podcast: FiscalNote Founder and CEO Tim Hwang

This week, we speak with Tim Hwang, Founder and CEO of FiscalNote.

FiscalNote entered into a $1.2 billion dollar combination agreement with Duddell Street Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: DSAC), in November 2021.

FiscalNote provides data products that track a broad range of legislation and regulatory actions at the federal, state and local level. These are used by companies and government institutions themselves to try and keep a handle on the constant swings and incremental changes in regulation in the US and abroad.

We discuss how FiscalNote landed on Duddell Street as its preferred partner in a triple-track process, and how it plans to use its status as a public company to further its M&A pipeline and other initiatives.

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