Serial Sponsors Table Added to the Database


Serial Sponsors Table Added to the Database

Dec 24, 2021 INTEL by Kristi Marvin

For subscribers that have a Database Subscription, a new table has been added and you can now find it under the main SPACs tab:  Serial Sponsors Table.

On the new page you will find a detailed table showing each Serial SPAC Team’s results with a default ranking based on the average return on the share prices of all of their completed combinations within the time period of 2009 to current-date.  Only teams with a minimum of two completed deals are included, but there are additional filters at the top of the table where you can further filter by criteria such as deal count. For instance, if you wanted to look at only teams that have completed four combinations or more. There are a number of ways you can filter this table depending on what criteria you think are important.

Looking at the screenshot below, we have included Deal Count, Average Share Price, Average % Redeemed, and Average Return on the Share Price.  The table is initially sorted based on the Average Return on the Share, but you can click on any header cell and it will then sort that chosen column. All share prices are updated daily.


Sponsors League Table 1


Additionally, if you click on a Sponsor Group name (second screenshot), it will open a drop-down listing all of the deals the SPAC team has completed to-date that are included in the averages. Moreover, if you click on an individual deal name (highlighted in light blue) it will bring you to that SPAC’s profile page for further information.


Sponsors League Table 2


Lastly, completed de-SPAC transactions that were subsequently acquired are given the per share value at which they were bought. For example, CF Corporation (a Chinh Chu deal) initially combined with FGL Holdings.  However, FGL Holdings was then acquired by Fidelity National Financial for $12.50 per share. As a result, CF Corporation is given a value of $12.50 in the Serial Sponsor’s Table.  In addition, all de-SPACs that filed for bankruptcy or were de-listed are given a value of $0.00 and any reverse stock splits are accounted for as well.

Keep in mind that this is a dynamic table and rankings will change depending on the current share price and combinations that have recently closed.

For subscribers, you can find the new table HERE.