Nebula (NEBU) Shareholders Approve Open Lending Combination


Nebula (NEBU) Shareholders Approve Open Lending Combination

But the warrant amendment fails….

Nebula Acqusition Corp. (NEBU), announced via 8-K this evening that their business combination with Open Lending was approved by shareholders.  At the vote, 10,997,246 shares opted to redeem, which is about 40% of NEBU’s public SPAC shares.

Additionally, it was also released that the warrant amendment proposal, which recently increased the warrant redemption price from $1.50 to $1.80 per whole warrant, was voted down, with only 29% of voting warrant holders voting in favor of the proposal.

Warrant Amendment Proposal

Since the warrant proposal did not pass, all warrant holders will now keep their warrants.

No word yet on a closing date, but a more formal press release is probably forthcoming.  In the meantime, we get to put Nebula in the “completed” column as the 17th SPAC to complete their combination this year.

You can view all of the vote results HERE.