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8i Entreprises Postpones Shareholder Vote to June 15th


8i Entreprises Postpones Shareholder Vote to June 15th

Mar 20, 2020 INTEL by Kristi Marvin

8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp. (JFK), announced this afternoon that it had adjourned it’s scheduled shareholder vote.  The vote was originally scheduled for this morning, but shareholders voted to adjourn the meeting to June 15, 2020, instead.  The new redemption deadline is June 11, 2020.

Additionally, 8i’s meeting was one of the first to announce they would be holding a “virtual” shareholder meeting, via teleconference, due to the coronavirus.  Diamond Eagle (DEAC) subsequently also announced they might potentially be holding a virtual meeting at their April 9th, shareholder vote as well. Per Diamond Eagle’s 8-k:

Due to concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Company may hold the Special Meeting solely by means of remote communication or provide for the ability of stockholders to attend the Special Meeting by means of remote communication.  In that event, the Company will announce that fact as promptly as practicable, and details on how to participate will be issued by press release, posted on our website at and filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) as supplemental proxy material.”

It’s a new world….

Regardless, 8i Enterprises will be pushing their meeting almost a full three months, so let’s hope we’re somewhat back to normal by then.