Boxwood Merger Corp. (BWMC) Announces Vote Results


Boxwood Merger Corp. (BWMC) Announces Vote Results

Feb 10, 2020 INTEL by Kristi Marvin

Boxwood Merger Corp. (BWMC), filed an 8-K this afternoon detailing the results of their recent shareholder vote to approve their business combination with Atlas Intermediate Holdings, LLC, a provider of mission-critical technical services that help its public and private sector clients test, inspect, certify, plan, design and manage a wide variety of projects across the transportation, commercial, industrial, government, education and other nonresidential markets.

As you can see below, roughly 6.1% of voting shareholders voted “no”, or 1,366,001 shares, whereas 93.9% voted “yes”.  The more important information, such as the number of redemptions and at what price, was not released, so we will need to wait for those numbers in subsequent filings.  Additionally no word yet on a closing date or new symbols, but it is expected that will be released shortly.


In the meantime, BWMC marks the fourth SPAC to complete their vote in 2020 and furthermore, it took Boxwood 14.7 months from date of IPO to vote date, which is pretty good, all things considered.  An update will be provide once redemption results are released.