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DD3 Acquisition Corp. (DDMX) Releases Shareholder Vote Results

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DD3 Acquisition Corp. (DDMX) Releases Shareholder Vote Results

DD3 Acquisition Corp. (DDMX), which today held their shareholder meeting to vote on their combination with Betterware de Mexico, filed an 8-K this afternoon detailing their results. However, those results are currently limited to just the shareholder vote, not the redemption results.

At the meeting, the combination was approved by 4,804,971 shares that voted “Yes”, with only 124,948 shares voting “No” and zero “Abstentions”.  The details surrounding the redemptions, such as how many and at what price, will be released in a subsequent filing, but for now, we get to move yet another SPAC into the completed column.  This marks the third SPAC to complete their combination in 2020.

We’ll update redemption results as soon as they become available.