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Mosaic Adjourns Vote and Reschedules


Mosaic Adjourns Vote and Reschedules

Dec 18, 2019 INTEL by Kristi Marvin

Mosaic Acquisition Corp. (MOSC), which was scheduled to hold their shareholder vote today to approve their combination with Vivint, announced this morning that they have adjourned their meeting and rescheduled for Friday, December 20th.

This is the second adjournment notice today (along with BROG), and the sixth adjournment since last Thursday, (December 12th) when both Boxwood Merger Corp. (BWMC) and Pivotal (PVT) announced the adjournments of their meetings.

No reason was given for Mosaic’s adjournment, but given that the share was trading below $10.00, these extra two days now give the company more time to shore up this deal. Keep in mind that Mosaic doesn’t run out their clock until January 22, 2020, so further adjournments are always a possibility.

Stay tuned…