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DFB Healthcare/AdaptHealth Release Redemption Info


DFB Healthcare/AdaptHealth Release Redemption Info

Nov 14, 2019 INTEL by Kristi Marvin

DFB Healthcare Acquisition Corp., which recently announced shareholders have approved their business combination with AdaptHealth Holdings, LLC (AHCO), filed additional documents via an 8-K this morning.  DFB/AdapHealth did not indicate the redemption price per share, but they did disclose the total amount redeemed at their vote, which was $213.665 million.  DFB Healthcare had approximately $256 million held in trust going into the vote, so that means roughly $42.3 million remained, or 16.5%.  Post-combination close, DFB would have had north of 4 million SPAC shares in their float, so they easily met the Nasdaq listing standards.

We have two more votes tomorrow  – OPES to extend, and TPGH to complete.  Plus, TKKS closes their tender offer at 5PM.  We might also have a “bonus” extension vote if TMCX needs to extend.  However, hopefully TMCX will be able to close their combination before then and that becomes unnecessary.  Stay tuned….