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Fellazo Inc. Re-Files and Changes Terms


Fellazo Inc. Re-Files and Changes Terms

Jul 12, 2019 INTEL by Kristi Marvin

Today, Fellazo Inc. (FLLCU) refiled their prospectus and changed the terms of their IPO. Notably, they have now added a right (1/10) and changed their previous FULL warrant to one warrant for 1/2 share.  All other terms remain the same.

These changes in terms now bring Fellazo in-line with other Asia-focused deals of this size.  That is, except for the contribution extension. If you recall, Fellazo broke from the norm in their original filing by stating that they will contribute only $0.075 to trust for each 3-month extension, rather than the typical $0.10 per extension.  This term still stands and Fellazo will be allowed to extended up to three separate times, which means if they need to use all three extensions the total amount contributed to trust will be $0.225, rather than $0.30.

Regardless, Fellazo is set to price Monday for Tuesday trading, so with these final changes based on the feedback they must have received, this deal should be all set to go.

Summary of revised terms below:

Fellazo terms 7-12-19 v2