2019 UWs League Tournament: The Final Four!


2019 UWs League Tournament: The Final Four!

Jun 26, 2019 INTEL by Kristi Marvin


It was another close day yesterday with Deutsche Bank and Citigroup battling it out all evening, but Deutsche Bank slowly climbed back after a slow start and managed to pull out a last minute victory again with a 51% to 49% win. DB will now be going up against BofA Merrill Lynch, which managed to handily beat Cantor in their match, 79% to 22%.

In the other two matches, Stifel really brought out the vote to beat both Chardan and Goldman Sachs by taking it 43% to Chardan’s 26% and Goldman’s 32%.  Meanwhile, BTIG knocked out UBS, 60% to 40%, to move on to Round Three as well.

We have four banks left so the matches are going to be very competitive today since all of the remaining challengers have been pushing hard to make it through.  In particular, BofA versus Deutsche Bank promises to be a real “Yankees vs. Red Sox” game (not saying which is which!), but both are two big banks and it should be a real slug fest.

On the other hand, Stifel and BTIG are newcomers this year, but each has been strong so far in the competition garnering a significant number of votes each.  As it stands, each match looks pretty evenly weighted, so it’s going to be real close….

Remember, voting ends at 10:00PM and the ultimate winner is based on TOTAL number of votes throughout the entire tournament.

Get your votes in to see who makes the Final Round!!