2019 FINALS: Underwriters League Tournament Championship Round!


2019 FINALS: Underwriters League Tournament Championship Round!

Jun 26, 2019 INTEL by Kristi Marvin


After some HEAVY voting last night (and I mean, HEAVY), BofA Merrill Lynch and BTIG won their battles to move into the final round. (Seriously, twice the amount of votes as Round Two). Both matches (BofA vs. DB and Stifel vs. BTIG) were flip-flopping close to even all day, but both BofA and BTIG managed to pull off a late night surge to push into the finals.  Really good and exciting stuff, especially considering how close it was throughout the day.  But….that means we now have two teams ready to go to war and both are in it to win it….tomorrow promises to be a real gladiator pit so keep an eye on the numbers…the leaders are sure to change repeatedly.

Remember, voting ends at 10:00PM and the ultimate winner is based on TOTAL number of votes throughout the entire tournament. You can find the the Finals Page here, or vote below.

Get your votes in to see who will be the 2019 Underwriters League Champion!!