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Modern Media Acquisition Corp. Announces…Kinda.


Modern Media Acquisition Corp. Announces…Kinda.

Modern Media Acquisition Corp. (MMDM), announced this morning that they had entered into a “non-binding letter of intent” with a private company.  And that’s all we got.  No name of the company, no details.  A non-binding letter means they’re talking, but nothing definitive yet, however, it also apparently means they get to extend their completion deadline to February 17, 2019.

So technically, they’re not searching for a target, but they’re also technically not fully announced either.  It’s a strange limbo and for lack of a better definition, we have moved MMDM into the “announced” column of our tables.  This is subject to change as further information become available.

Let’s hope MMDM is cooking up something good in the meantime. We could use a winner.