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Underwriters Tournament Update: We Might Have Some Upsets…


Underwriters Tournament Update: We Might Have Some Upsets…

Jun 25, 2018 INTEL by Kristi Marvin

Tournament Update of the SPAC Sixteen Matches

We have a pretty decent match going on between BofA and Chardan.  Chardan took the lead this morning, but BofA came back and is now leading 57% to 43%.  Is Chardan the Cinderella Story of this Tournament? There’s still time to cast your vote….

In other surprising news, B. Riley is handily beating J.P. Morgan right now with 60% of the votes to JPM’s 40%. (Although maybe not so surprising since B. Riley has been on more recent SPAC transactions than JPM)

Credit Suisse and EarlyBirdCapital have commanding leads with both rounding up 100% of the votes cast in their favor, while Deutsche Bank, Cantor and Goldman Sachs all look likely to win their matches.

Voting ends at Midnight so there’s still time…

Round One Matches Rules/Rankings/Details