Mid-day News Update: GSAH, LCA, JSYN, BCAC

News Update

Mid-day News Update: GSAH, LCA, JSYN, BCAC

May 31, 2018 INTEL by Kristi Marvin

The Latest News in SPACs

GSAH: GS Acquisition Holdings Corp.

GS Acquisition Holdings filed an amended S-1 yesterday, adding three new Directors to the Board. They are James Albaugh, former President and CEO of Boeing, Roger Fradin, former president and chief executive officer of Honeywell’s Automation and Control Solutions business, and Steven Reinemund, former Chairman, Executive Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo.  Impressive board additions as expected from a high-profile SPAC. You can read their full bios on the GS Acquisition Holdings profile page.

LCA:  Landcadia Holdings, Inc.

Yesterday, Landcadia held the vote to extend their completion deadline to December 14, 2018 and announced the results.


JSYN: Jensyn Acquisition Corp.

Jensyn Acquisition Corp. announced they will be contributing $.042 per month for a period of three months for each public share that is not converted into cash at the special meeting June 4th, where shareholders will be voting on extending Jensyn’s completion deadline. This means a total of $0.126 per share will be contributed over the three month period increasing the conversion price to $10.78 per share at September 3rd (the new extended completion deadline).  Currently, the conversion of shares is pegged at approximately $10.65 per share for the June 4th vote.

BCAC: Bison Capital Acquisition Corp.

Bison Capital announced today that Mr. Ning Wang resigned from his position as independent director and Chairman of the Audit Committee due to personal reasons. In his place, Bison has appointed Mr. Richard Peidong Wu.  Mr.  Wu has been the Chief Financial Officer of Airmedia Group Inc, a Nasdaq-listed outdoor media group (symbol: AMCN).