1 – User: Monthly Plan

1 – User: Monthly Plan

$275.00 / month

1-User Monthly Subscription

A subscription to the SPACInsider database includes also access to our SPAC Intel Center.  All data is updated as soon as news happens – no waiting for once a week updates.  See product description section below for further details.

If you are an institution and require more than 3 users, please contact sisubscriptions@spacinsider.com to request enterprise pricing and set-up.


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1-User Monthly Database Subscription

A monthly SPACInsider subscription includes access to both our complete database as well as all locked articles and analysis found in the SPAC Intel Center.  Bi-monthly newsletter included.

For more information, contact SPACInsider Subscriptions at: sisubscriptions@spacinsider.com


Monthly plan:  $275/month for 1-user. Automatic monthly renewal every 30 days from initial purchase.

Annual plan (save $300.00):  $2,999.00/year for 1-user login.  Automatic renewal on the annual anniversary of initial purchase.

SPAC Intel sections include:

  • Fully sortable list of SPACs dating from 2009 to current across the categories of “Filed to IPO”, “Searching for a Target”, “Announced a Combination”, and “Completed a Combination”. Details include:
    • Sector focus
    • IPO date, Announced Date, Completed Date, proceeds and at-risk capital
    • Dollar amount per share held in trust
    • Completion deadline and time left to complete
    • Left lead underwriter
  • Implied yield-to-maturity for all searching and announced SPACs.  Updated daily and based on a 2-week VWAP.
  • Trust Values Tables – for both searching and announced SPACs.
  • Forward Purchases and Anchor Investors Table – a complete list of all SPACs with a Forward Purchase Agreement (FPA) and/or and Anchor Investors
  • Redemption Tables: 
    • # of shares redeemed; % shares redeemed
    • Vote date
    • Trust value post-vote
    • Lead underwriter and current share price
  • List of all SPACs and links to their page profiles. Page profiles include:
    • Stock quotes for the share, warrant and right
    • Full summary of IPO terms (including underwriters and legal teams)
    • Bios for SPAC team officers and directors
    • Transaction summaries for announced business combinations
  • Crescent Term tables
  • SPAC Calendar of events – all upcoming pricings and votes
  • Plus, additional data tables coming soon…

Additional information

3-User Logins (Monthly Plan)

$649.00/month ($216 per login/month)

3-User Logins (Annual Plan)

$6,999.00/year ($194 per login/month)